What is Trive Verify?

Trive Verify is the beginning of the build out of the Trive ecosystem. It’s core function within the Trive
Engine, research into a single factoid.

Submitting questionable content to trive (verb), using either the browser plugin (found here;
https://verify.trive.news/plugin) or, the Trive Verify web portal https://verify.trive.news is simple for
Consumers, Publishers and Users.

  1. Attach a screenshot
  2. Provide a URL
  3. Submit your observation

Trive researchers and verifiers can review and answer your concern. By choosing how many researchers
and how many verifiers will review your concern, you can select the degree of precision and quality.

Once the work is complete, the Trive Engine can notify you via email, as well as posting the score of the
research directly to the plugin which automatically scores webpages you visit that have been trived,
while going further to allow you direct access to actual research materials if you so desire via indexing of
the URL specific to that trived item.

The Trive Verify test bed architecture is centralized and easily gameable. Our goal with the introduction
of this early stage version is to better understand how people will use the Trive mechanism, foster and reward early adopters, discover issues and trends associated with that usage, use that to finalize development of the decentralized and collusion proof engine Trive promises to be at full development. Come build Trive with us!

How does it work?

The current Trive Verify product is a limited functionality release that introduces Researchers and Verifiers. In this version, anyone can submit a piece of information to be Trived. They can select the number of researchers and verifiers, and the submitter attaches a URL, screenshot and a statement about their submission. Researchers and verifiers work together in a series of steps to answer the question using the Wisdom of Crowds technique. The scores are then displayed in your browser using our plugin.

Future development road map includes:

  • Blockchain and Token integration
  • Reputation scores
  • Curators
  • Witnesses
  • Verifier appeal
  • SAD (statistical anomaly detector)

Trive Verify Demo